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The Benefits of LinuxCentOS

Established in 2004, the Linux distro known as “LinuxCentOS“ is one of the longest-lasting, most popular Linux builds. LinuxCentOS is not for beginners, though. It is truly intended for server use by knowledgeable, experienced Linux experts. There are many reasons…

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Advantages of Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux is a unique experience for those people that really enjoy tinkering with every aspect of the operating system. Since all of the software is compiled from source, only the options and applications desired need to be installed. While…

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Fedora Linux

Fedora Linux is the third most popular Linux distribution available today, only following Mint and Ubuntu at first and second, respectively. Fedora Linux is a community-supported distro funded by the Red Hat company. It is a free operating system, in…

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Debian Linux

Now in its sixth major release, Debian Linux is one of the most popular distributions today. It owes much of this success to its social contract, allowing unparalleled support and availability of its code base to build fork distros.

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Linux Saved my Laptop!

I learned about the safety and usability of Linux after disaster struck my PC. Without Linux, I probably would’ve had to reinstall my OS or replace my computer. My experimentation with several Linux Distributions began in a local coffee shop….

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Red Hat Linux

Why does Red Hat Linux have such an odd name? Why was it the dominant Linux distribution for so long, and why was it split up into two different products? Like many histories, it’s not a matter of what happened,…

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