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Linux Wiki is a community website for users of Linux and others who are interested in Linux. Linux Wiki is found at Run on the Wikia platform, Linux Wiki allows for free editing of site content by any visitor. If is even possible to add extraneous content simply by clicking on the Edit link encased in a blue button with pencil icon at the top of the page. The button opens the Wikia editor, where changes can be freely made. Certain content cannot be modified on the page, but can still be deleted.

Linux Wiki has fundamental content, designed and implemented by interested editors or perhaps a founder. Centered on the home page is a large table showing Popular Linux Software and Top Ten Distros (Linux distributions). Anyone visiting the site and seeking to add Linux to a computer can click on one of the Distro links, and proceed to download a version of Linux. These include Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian, PCLinuxOS, and others. Launching upon Linux use for the first time on a desktop is a thrilling process, even if one wishes later to delete the operating system and revert purely to Windows.

As for Linux software, Linux Wiki lists almost forty different software releases for Linux. These include the graphical user interfaces or desktop environments of Gnome, KDE, and others. They are found at the heart of Linux desktop releases. There are also Linux programs for media editing and playback and artistic design. These might be less frequently used by everyday computer users than would the Internet releases of Firefox, Chromium (Chrome), and Opera, along with the Office releases of Open Office, and the communications releases of Pidgin and Skype. The great thing about this software, and all Linux software, is that it is free!

Linux Wiki is a fun place to visit for anyone who has ever used Linux, and even those who haven’t, but who still might some day. Linux and Linux software are all free, and all readily available for quick download from an abundance of websites. Easy to install and use, too, just as the Linux Wiki shows. All in all, Linux Wiki is a great and useful resource.

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