Is a Linux Tutorial Right for You?

The vast majority of computer users today use either Microsoft Windows or Apple’s Mac OS. Linux, in all of its various flavors, shares some similarities with these mainstream operating systems, but there are enough differences that using a Linux tutorial can help a new user get running faster with fewer headaches.

Linux is not the name of a universal operating system like Windows or Mac OS. The name Linux actually refers only to the kernel, or the most basic part of the operating system. Different versions of Linux, called distributions or distros, all share this kernel, but many of them will have a separate Linux tutorial, because the extra features can vary quite a bit from distro to distro.

Mac OS users may have an advantage in learning to use Linux, because Mac OS uses similar file structures and terminology, but a Linux tutorial will still be of help.

A typical MS Windows user would be more likely to benefit from a Linux tutorial, because the differences are so great between Windows and Linux in general. Finding a good, distro specific Linux tutorial will be invaluable in learning the ins and outs of your news OS.

As a rule of thumb, you probably need a Linux tutorial if you are the kind of user who needs extra help when you are trying new things on your computer. After all, a tutorial is an easier way to learn compared to reading pages of documentation or forum posts.

On the other hand, if you are the kind of computer user who is comfortable with things like command line interfaces, kernel hacking, or programming languages, a Linux tutorial might not be for you. But if your experience in Linux is out of date, or if you have only used one flavor, then consider a Linux tutorial before you jump into your next new distro.

For most Windows and Mac OS users, regardless of level of experience with computers, a Linux tutorial is the first step in knowing how to do things the right way, and that will make your transition into Linux go much more smoothly and easily.

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